Benefits of Inclusiveness in the Workplace

Inclusive organisations have a better rate of success when compared to ones which don’t practice diversity in the workplace. So what exactly is an inclusive organisation? The following defines inclusiveness in the workplace:

  • An inclusive workplace is one where employees have a sense of belonging
  • Individuals feel supported and welcomed within the organisation
  • It comprises of people of all types. Welcomes people from different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation, culture etc.
  • An inclusive workplace is one in which employees feel valued and allows them to do their very best

There are several benefits of an inclusive workspace. These include the following:

  • Employees working within such a workplace have a higher level of job satisfaction. They are happier at work. They have leaders they can believe in and rely on. Since their efforts are appreciated, it enables them to make more effort every time they work on a project.
  • Employees tend to leave less often organisations which are inclusive. If they are happier in their workplace, they wouldn’t want to leave at all. Sometimes being happy is more satisfying then receiving a higher salary yet feeling left out?

  • Improved productivity. People who are satisfied with their jobs are more productive compared to individuals who feel unsatisfied. The simple fact that their work is appreciated and relied on can be a great boost to their morale. This helps motivate them to do even better thus outperforming themselves ta times as well.
  • Diversity in ideas. When there is a diverse number of people working within an organisation they have different perspectives. This enables more satisfying brainstorming session and better results. There are quite a few solutions and faster problem solving every time. The more ideas there are the easier it is to pick one which is best.
  • Better problem solving skills. When people of diverse background get to work together they are able to process faster solutions. A problem is usually addressed in two ways. Past problems re analyzed and a solution is modified and applied. The second way to approach a problem is by coming up with a creative solution. Inclusiveness in the work place fosters more creativity.
  • Organisations which are inclusive are better adaptable to all kinds of changes. Since success comes with adapting to the times, inclusive organisations are often more successful. As conditions differ from time to time, inclusiveness allows the company to deal with it better.
  • There are also long term benefits of an inclusive workplace. It is related to recruiting and retaining of the best employees. These organisations attract people who are intelligent and smart. They know that if they join such a diverse workplace they would be welcomed irrespective of their ideas, thoughts and beliefs. This is a major boost to the morale of the employees. It is a known fact that people are appreciated on the basis of their efforts and not judged for who and what they represent.

There are so many benefits of inclusivity in the work place. Inclusion in the workplace should be the major goal of all organisations.

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