Website Design

Designing a web page is not a simple job. When this task is started, different aspects should be taken into account that will help to establish a good design that, in addition to being attractive, is useful for the client’s objectives. It is important to know what the client wants on his website and to whom it is addressed, so that it can be developed with a purpose, with a structure and a style that guides the user to the achievement of that goal.

Aspects that must be taken into account when designing a web page

Once the purpose of the website is clear, it is necessary to structure the content so that the reader can move easily through the page, feel comfortable and reach the call to action to achieve the goal. In a word: The website should be usable, be designed for the user.

The content must be structured and the information hierarchized, so that there is no overload of information that overwhelms the user. The reader should be given the opportunity to get a quick idea of what is offered and get interested in that first look. For this it is important to show the most important information first and use short, descriptive and clear titles, written in a way that is attractive and encourages the user to delve into the website.

It is important to take legibility into account. However interesting the content may be, if it is difficult to read, it is likely that the user leaves the web before having reached the interesting part.

It is also to prevent the user from feeling “lost”, especially in large websites. For this it is very useful to have a map of the website that shows the path that has been followed up to the current page. These aspects are important, but they must also be integrated into an attractive design.

Make the design of the website attractive

Do not use too many typographies or too many colours: You have to maintain a unified style for the elements of the web page, make it consistent. In addition, although some animated elements can give an original touch to the page, do not have to go through the effects since they can be annoying and load the page excessively.

It is interesting to keep contact information visible on all pages of the website as it inspires confidence in the user and makes it easier for them to translate their opinions or requests and maintain a satisfactory brand-client communication.

Although it might seem that with these concepts you can design a perfect web page, the truth is that you have to take into account other aspects that are not visible at first glance but that will make the user experience substantially improve.