Website Development

It is quite significant to represent your business on the internet immediately after starting it. As a result, there a number of ways through which you make this successful. However, the one that is most effective is creating a website. Here, you will be in a position expressing out your missions, the services you offer, in addition to sharing out an information relating to what you do.

Website development is defined as the tasks that involve developing of websites for purposes of hosting through the internet or the intranet. Website development is accompanied by a number of processes such as website design, website content development, client-side scripting or server-side scripting, and the configuration of network security, and many more tasks.

Website development mainly entails the aspect of the non-design building of websites that involves coding and writing markup. It starts with the creation of plain text up to the creation complex social network apps, web-based apps, and electronic business apps.

There two main factors considered during website development. These are price and time. These two mainly depend on the website and the project scope. For outlining the entire process of website development, creating a timeline for website development, addition of the tasks, and establishment of the milestones for the project is an essential role. This facilitates the process of tracking the implementation of the project in order to ensure that that you are keeping the deadline.

There are seven main steps to follow during website development. These are discussed as follows;-

Step One

This involves the gathering of information. Here you need to know the purpose of the website, the goals that you will want to achieve, and the type of audience you want the website to attract.

Step Two

The next step is the one that requires the developer to come up with data that will give the customer a chance of judging how the whole website will be looking like.

Step Three

This is the one involving designing of the website. It entails creating images, site photos, and videos.

Step Four

This entails writing of the content and compiling it. You need to use catchy headlines, writing new text, editing of text and many more.

Step Five

Here you need to create the website. Use graphic elements designed in the previous stages to come with the actual website. The first thing to create is the website page followed by other sub-pages.

Step Six

This is the stage of testing, reviewing and launching. You need to test all the links as one of ensuring that they are not broken.

Step Seven

This is a maintenance stage that involves monitoring of your opinions and updating them regularly.